9 April 2017

RTS Haute fréquence: Les défis de la technologie médicale au Sud


13 December 2016

FNS/SNF: Les défis de la technologie médicale au Sud


15 September 2016

RTS La 1ère CQFD: Ingénieurs et médecins, un duo gagnant pour les hôpitaux au Cameroun


26 April 2016

Le Temps: Le low-tech au service de la médecine


March 2015

RTS La 1ère Néophiles: Interview de Pristem


December 2015

Swiss association of radiology technicians: GlobalDiagnsotiX - High-tech and Low-Cost

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12 November 2015

BBC Arabic: featuring the GlobalDiagnostiX project

September 2015

Fenster zur Forschung (PSI): Moderne Diagnostik für Entwicklungsländer - Robustes Röntgengerät

Online version: http://issuu.com/paul-scherrer-institute/docs/fenster_zur_forschung_2015...

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20 July 2015

REISO : La radiologie enfin à la portée des pays pauvres


8 July 2015

FIND : Digital radiology solutions for TB diagnostics in low- to middle-income countries

The limited applicability of radiology technology to LMIC settings has proved to be the primary contributor to the limited access of diagnostic imaging services to two-thirds of world’s opulation. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland and partner organizations have recently developed a digital x-ray system (GlobalDiagnostiX) to address the needs of LMICs. The product claims to match the performance of standard digital x-ray machines on the market and is ten times less expensive than comparable designs when factoring in related equipment maintenance costs. Such a system has the potential to have a major impact on TB diagnostics if introduced with a suitable CAD solution.

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1 June 2015

Radiologie DIX30 : GlobalDiagnostiX makes radiology more accessible in disadvantaged countries


22 May 2015

RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera : Radiogiornale, at 17''30'


19 May 2015

AuntMinnie Europe: Low-cost X-ray market faces major shake-up



15 May 2015

SRF: Schweizer Röntgentechnik für Afrika – Robust und günstig


28 April 2015

FastCompany Co.Exist: A Low-Cost X-Ray Machine That Works In Places Where It Gets Really, Really Hot


24 April 2015

Ghana Health Nest: A New Low-cost X-ray machine for developing countries


17 April 2015

SciDev: Low-cost, serviced X-ray device 'just a few years away'


30 March 2015

Le Temps: Des collaborations pour accélérer l'innovation

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19 March 2015

Tages Anzeiger: Bund verweigert Geld für Röntgengeräte in Drittweltländern

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13 March 2015

Science: Low-cost x-rays for all

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11 March 2015

Thema Radiologie: Les deux tiers de l'humanité attendent GlobalDiagnostiX


10 March 2015

Radio Chablais: L'imagerie médicale enfin à la portée des pays du Sud


10 March 2015

RTS La 1ère Tribu: Technologies pour l'Afrique


10 March 2015

News EPFL (Mediacom): Finally, X-ray imaging within the reach of developing countries


9 March 2015

RTS 12:45 An x-ray device designed for developing countries

9 March 2015

24heures: Un appareil de radiologie low-cost pour le Cameroun


8 February 2015

News HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland): 


4 November 2014

HE-ARC: Conférence Ergo'IA Ergonomie d’une interface d’imagerie médicale récompensée


8 April 2014

RTS La 1ère CQFD: Les technologies essentielles pour tous


22 March 2013

SwissInfo: Réinventer les appareils médicaux pour le Sud


7 February 2013

LeTemps: L'EPFL lance "EssentialTech"